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Pamela Aarons



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My Ecochallenge 2012

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Waste Reduction
My Ecochallenge: 

During Earth Week 2012, I will:

* Bring my own reusable mug every time I buy coffee/tea on the go
* Watch the STORY OF STUFF
* Reduce paper by arranging for e-billing and statements instead of mailed paper copies.
* Bring my own bags every time I shop
* Avoid bottled water/juices/liquids and instead use a reusable mug or thermos
* Start a compost to reduce the amount of trash my household produces
* Think and buy second-hand - books, clothes, furniture, and more are easy items to find
* Clean out my home of unused appliances, items, clothes and donate them
* Use only natural or organic cleaning products or try making my own
* Reuse paper use by printing on both sides
* Reduce the amount of unwanted mail I receive (stop unwanted catologs, stop junk mail)

Why I'm participating in the Ecochallenge: 

I want to reduce the waste going to the land fill and recapture the uses out of re-usable things. I would like to teach myself to recycle and re-use so my recycled amount is larger than my garbage. I want to learn new ways to recycle and re-use. I am hoping this will become a better habit and increase sustainability in my neighborhood. I committed to living in the same place so my children would have a place to return, know that where I live will always be home. I want to commit to making sure home is here for all of us.