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Nathan Howard



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My Ecochallenge 2012

My Ecochallenge 2012 Info
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Waste Reduction
My Ecochallenge: 

During Earth Week 2012 I WILL:

* Bring my own reusable mug every time I buy coffee/tea on the go
* Watch the STORY OF STUFF
* Reduce paper by arranging for e-billing and statements instead of mailed paper copies.
* Bring my own bags every time I shop
* Avoid bottled water/juices/liquids and instead use a reusable mug or thermos
* Start a compost to reduce the amount of trash my household produces
* Think and buy second-hand - books, clothes, furniture, and more are easy items to find
* Clean out my home of unused appliances, items, clothes and donate them
* Use only natural or organic cleaning products or try making my own
* Reuse paper use by printing on both sides
* Reduce the amount of unwanted mail I receive (stop unwanted catologsstop junk mail)

Why I'm participating in the Ecochallenge: 

I am participating in Eco challenge because I must - because we must.

We, as global citizens, are realizing that we must move away from the “take-make-waste” model that has dominated much of the industrialized world towards a truly sustainable way of living. How do we do this? We must change policy. However, we must also change our behavior and habits. That is what Ecochallenge is about.

My Ecochallenge 2011

My Ecochallenge 2011 Info
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UO Student Government (ASUO)
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My Ecochallenge: 

During Earth Week 2011, I will:

• Only eat meat twice per week (if I eat meat)
• Visit a nearby farm, learn about what they produce and pick my own fruits and veggies
• Make a dinner from ingredients that have been raised and cultivated within a hundred miles of my home

• Try cooking three new recipes that feature organic and/or local products
• Choose sustainable seafood options every time I eat fish 
* Participate in planting and growing food 
• When eating out ask where the restaurant sources its ingredients

* Watch a documentary film about food with friends ( Food Inc., Supersize Me, and King Corn)

Why I'm participating in the Ecochallenge: 

I'm participating in Ecochallenge because a conscious shift in human behavior and habits will be necessary to maintain, or sustain, our life quality, and ultimately our existence.